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The most convenient way to buy gift cards online in Singapore.

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I love Giftano! I have bought gift cards a few times via the platform and it never fails. Their customer service is very prompt and professional. I will definitely use their service again!
Davin, 28
I'm a last-minute person and rarely have time going around the city buying gifts. That's why Giftano is SO convenient! I think they have a great selection of merchants and so far they have always delivered as promised, in a timely manner.
Tracy, 26

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Giftano for Corporate

Giftano provides corporate and bulk purchases of gift cards and vouchers online in Singapore at reduced prices. Choose from an array of specially selected merchants from the comfort of your office or home and be amazed at what we have to offer. You can pay by invoice, bank transfer, PayPal or any other preferred method.

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